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Get the Perfect Lipstick Color for Your Skin Tone

It’s amazing how a certain lipstick can look incredible on one person and unflattering on another. Lipstick shades are a lot like hair colors. Platinum blonde fits Taylor Swift like a glove, but it might look harsh against your own skin tone. On the other hand, an ash blonde that complements your skin perfectly might wash out the Grammy winner.

With so many shades, undertones, and finishes to choose from, it’s hard to choose the right lipstick shade for your skin tone. That’s why we’ve created this helpful guide to find your perfect lipstick:

Cool undertones

If you have a cool complexion, you likely have a red, pink, or slightly bluish undertones to your skin. Finding your undertones is simpler than you think! Take a look at the inside of your wrists. If the veins in your wrist look distinctly blue, then you have a cool complexion. Silver jewelry looks fantastic on you, but gold washes you out. One quick tip to remember is that the majority of women with cool complexions are fair skinned and burn easily rather than tan.

It’s important to complement cool undertones with the right lipstick shade, or your color may end up looking garish. Stick to blue or purple undertones, and stay away from orange-red tones.

Warm undertones

Yellow, tan, and olive tones tend to have warm undertones that look best in gold jewelry and bright nailpolish. You can tell if you have warm undertones by checking your wrist for green veins. Women with warm undertones to their skin also tend to tan easily, rather than burn like those with cool undertones.

Bright is always better when it comes to warm undertones. Opt for powerful colors like cherry red or warm orange to complement your naturally radiant complexion.

Neutral undertones

Can’t decide if you look better in silver or gold jewelry? You may have neutral undertones, which look great in just about any lipstick shade. Women with neutral undertones have a combination of cool and warm hues to their skin, so they can pull off a wide range of shades. From deep berries and wine shades to light pinks and corals, very few lipstick colors wash you out.

If you think you have neutral undertones in your skin, feel free to try bold shades light bright red, orange, and plum.

Choosing the right lipstick shade is tough for most women, but it doesn’t have to be. Those with fair skin almost always look perfect in rich, deep, dark colors. Berries and deep reds contrast fair skin and make their lips pop.

If you have a darker, olive complexion, bright corals, pinks, and matte nude lipsticks complement your skin tone perfectly.