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Heat-Free Ways to Keep Your Hair Looking Great in Hot Weather

How many times have you spent hours on your hair, only for it to be ruined by summer weather? Between the heat and humidity, summer weather can leave your hair looking messy and frizzy. The elements aren’t kind to our hair, and hot tools only make it worse. Not only do they leave your hair dry and damaged, the last thing you need this summer is to sweat away trying to straighten your hair. Luckily, you don’t need a blow dryer and flat iron to keep your hair under control all day long. Here are the best heat-free hairstyles to try this summer:


Braids are the simplest way to keep your hair in check this summer. From fishtail braids and braid crowns to waterfall braids, you have plenty of options for simple heat-free hairstyles. Not only do braids look polished and put together, they help protect your hair against heat and sun damage by keeping each strand locked in and shielded from the sun.

Top knot

Simple top knots are one of the freshest hairstyles of the season. This easy hairstyle works especially well on second day hair that is nearly in need of a wash. The best part about a top knot is that it looks great on any type of hair. Whether you have fine straight hair, coarse curly hair, long hair, or short, a top knot is a stylish way to keep your hair out of your face.

Loose waves

You don’t need hot tools to create carefree waves. With just a little bit of prep work, you can fight humidity and look cute doing it. After showering, run leave-in conditioner and anti-frizz serum through your hair. If you cannot air dry at home, leave your hair in a loose braid to dry. This helps shape your natural waves without heat.

Sleek low bun

A sleek low bun looks professional and polished, especially in the summer when your hair is constantly fighting against heat and humidity. The first step is to run frizz serum through your soaking wet hair. Once your hair is fully dry, make a clean part straight down the middle. Next, dab a small amount of gel onto each side of your part and slick your hair back into a shiny bun. Like braids, a low bun protects your hair from sun damage and humidity, and lasts all day long.

Messy updo

When humidity has already left your hair untamable, a messy updo is the way to go. If your hair looks frizzy, try re-wetting it and run anti-frizz serum through each strand. Once dry, use several bobby pins to create a messy undone bun. Leave strands around the front loose for a more bohemian appearance.