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Keeping Your Hair Frizz-free for Summer

Between the humidity and chlorine, summer can leave you feeling like a walking ball of frizz. What works for you in winter likely doesn’t have the same effect once the weather starts heating up — and that’s OK! It’s always important to switch up your hair care routine to keep your gorgeous locks looking and feeling as healthy as possible, no matter the season. For shiny, smooth hair all summer long, try these tips for frizz-free hair:

Don’t overwash

It’s tempting to try washing out the frizz and start from scratch when your hair looks dry and poofy. Sadly, stepping into the shower doesn’t solve your frizz problem. In fact, overwashing can make your mane look frizzier than ever, as it strips your hair of its much-needed natural oils. This is especially true if your hair is wavy, curly, or naturally dry. To seal in moisture and freshen up your locks, try washing with cold water during the hot summer months.

Protect with oil

Argan oil, native to Morocco, is a life-saver for dry, frizzy hair. Not only does it leave your hair shiny, soft, and manageable, this powerful oil contains antioxidants and vitamins that increase each strand’s elasticity. The vitamin E in argan oil even protects your hair against split ends and breakage, keeping your mane healthy and strong.

Choose the right cut

Nothing is quite as satisfying as chopping it all off once the weather starts heating up, but it’s important to know your hair type before you make a decision you might regret. If you hair is straight and relatively fine, a short haircut will likely be a welcome relief from the hot weather. Unfortunately, wavy, kinky, and curly hair is an entirely different story.

A bit of length can actually be a good thing for textured hair. When your hair is slightly weighed down, your curls may feel more manageable, whereas a short haircut can actually add more volume and frizz that you don’t want. If you have curly hair and are thinking about making a major cut, make sure to talk to your stylist before making any rash decisions.

Hydrate with deep conditioner

Spending time in the sun, ocean, and chlorine-heavy swimming pools comes at a cost to your hair health. These elements naturally dry out your hair, making it look fried even if you’ve been avoiding your hot tools all summer. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your hair hydrated all summer long. Try a deep conditioner specific to your hair type to revitalize your locks and keep them healthy throughout summer.

Ditch the hot tools

When frizz strikes, most women immediately gravitate towards their hot tools to create a sleeker, more manageable look. While hot tools may help your hair look shinier, straighter, and bouncier in the moment, they ultimately cause irreparable hair damage when used in excess. Dry hair needs time to repair itself without the damage caused by hot tools. With the right products and care, your au natural hair will look fantastic all summer long — no hot tools necessary.